Update on 19 November, 2020

Q&A after briefing session on November 9, 2020:
Enquiry: Can we store the softcopy files in a USB flash drive instead of CD or DVD?
Answer: Yes.
Enquiry: For the storyboard of descriptions of visuals and scripts, can we only draft in Traditional Chinese?
Answer: Draft storyboard of the project videos with both Chinese and English description of visuals and scripts are required.  Simple translation of English will be accepted.
Enquiry: Would persons of “Experience sharing ” be provided by association?
Answer: We will help identify and invite our members for interview if necessary.
Enquiry: For the 3rd video “Health Seeking Behavior Education”, we would like to ascertain the definition of “Health seeking behavior “. Is it what have stated in DHC’s website as below?
Patients’ Patterns – creating challenges
• become more and more media – and technology-savvy
• prefer the traditional practice of seeking secondary and curative health care rather than primary and preventive health care
• self-medicate directly by going to the local pharmacy
• tend to treat the medical consultation merely as a service, instead of viewing the doctor as a caring long-term health partner
• Used to the low cost Hospital Authority services
Answer: We would like to use the “Health Seeking Behavior Education” video to educate the public about the important of disease prevention and should not be disease orientated. To educate the public to proactive monitor their health conditions.
Enquiry: Apart from storyboard which requires both in Chinese and English, is there any language requirement for the whole proposal?
Answer: There is no special requirement on language for the whole proposal, either English or Chinese is fine.

Updated on 7 September, 2020

Q&A after briefing session 31 August, 2020:
Enquiry: What is the conduit type? Surface mount or concealed?
Answer: Concealed is preferred, please specify the conduit type on the tender. Otherwise concealed is expected.

Enquiry: Clarify the Gym room in tender document page 22.
Answer: Gym Room is equal to Physiotherapy / OT/ Training Room defined in page 19 and page 21.

Enquiry: Will the control tablet use existing WIFI?
Answer: No, tenderers should build their own WIFI for tablet control if necessary.

Enquiry: What is the size of amplifiers in Mini Theatre?
Answer: The amplifier should be able to be placed inside the equipment cabinet of Mini Theatre.

Enquiry: Where to place the control equipment of room 1 to 5?
Answer: The equipment can be placed in the cabinets at Room 3.

Enquiry: Is it possible to use another type of speaker instead of box speaker at Physiotherapy / OT/ Training Room? (Tender document page 21 point 9.13)
Answer: Yes, if the sound quality matches with or better than the box speaker setup.

Enquiry: Clarify the meaning of tender document page 21 point 9.10
Answer: Duplicated entry of tender document page 21 point 9.9, tenderer can ignore this item.

Enquiry: Clarify the quantity of item 1.6 of tender document page 28
Answer: This is typo, the quantity of item 1.6 should be 3.

Update on September 10, 2020

Q&A after briefing session on August 31, 2020:
Enquiry: Eligibility of the tender – contract value
Answer: At least one single contract of a total contract value of not less than Hong Kong Four Hundred Thousand or a continuous contract under same client of a total contract value of not less than Hong Kong Four Hundred Thousand. Please provide necessary supporting for our verification.
Enquiry: Toilet necessities and cleansing
Answer: All toilets are managed by the building’s business management office, which they provide all necessities within the washrooms, including toilet rolls and hand washing detergent.
Enquiry: Garbage disposal
Answer: The service provider cleaning team is responsible to dispose of the packed garbage at the waste collection point on the 1st floor.
Enquiry: Air-conditioners cleaning standard
Answer: We required cleaning of the AC exposed area only. There is no need to take out the panel and filter for cleaning.
Enquiry: Cleaning staff insurance
Answer: All cleaning staff employed by the agent should be covered by employee compensation insurance and public liability insurance. The public liability insurance with minimum indemnity amount of HK$10 million per incident during the contract period
Further Q&A on Sep 10, 2020:
Enquiry: Frequency on cleaning grease trap (清潔隔油池)
Answer: Daily cleansing for the one in pantry.  Others (around 15 grease trap) would be weekly cleansing.

Tender Invitation for Providing Influenza Vaccination Service 流感疫苗服務招標

Interested medical enterprise/clinic is invited to submit a proposal for providing vaccine from September 2020 to March 2021. The tender specification can be obtained HERE (English version only).

Contractor is required to submit their Proposal including all the Contract Schedules (Schedule 1 – 3) in a sealed envelope clearly marked with title of “Proposal for Provision of Influenza Vaccination Service under Signature Project Scheme (SPS)” (but should not bear any indication which may relate the tender to the tenderer). Relevant printed or visual material to illustrate the proposed work approach should also be submitted as part of the Proposal.

For details, please refer to the tender specification.
Closing Date and Time: 20th July 2020 12:00nn.
For enquiry, please call 2370 1466.

協會現誠邀有興趣投標之醫療公司/診所就2020年9月至2021年3月間的流感疫苗服務提交服務計劃書。計劃及投標相關詳情請參閱 此文件(只備英文本)。

有興趣投標之醫療公司/診所所提供的計劃書需要包括投標規範文件附表(附表1-3)並以封密的信封清楚註明“Proposal for Provision of Influenza Vaccination Service under Signature Project Scheme (SPS)” (但不得有任何記認,使人認出投標者的身分。用於說明擬議工作方法的相關印刷或視覺材料也應作為計劃書的一部分提交)

如有查詢,請致電2370 1466。

Q&A Section

Q1. 是否需要自行預訂場地?     

A. 會由協會負責 

Q2. 由那一方負責召募參加者           

A. 會由協會負責 

 Q3. 星期六日是否需要提供服務?    

A.  需要 

Q4. 將會舉辦多少場服務?                                                                                           

A. 視乎情況而定,需與民政事務處商討及作最後決定。 

Q5. 會打針前付款抑或是打針後?                                                    

A. 打針後,以提供之疫苗總數量計算。

Q6. 總共需要多少針?                  

A. 視乎情況而定,需與民政事務處商討及作最後決定。       


Tender For Provision of IT Support Service

Updated on May 21, 2020

Q&A after briefing session on May 13, 2020:
Enquiry: How long is the contract period?
Answer: 12 months start from the commencement date
Enquiry: Clarify Section Three, Service Requirement, item xvii in tender document page 19, “Including at least 1 full time and 1 half time IT support officers to work on site at K&TDHC Core Centre and Satellite Centres.”. The tenderer shall provide ONLY 1 Full time and 1 half-time support officer on site support for K&TDHC Core and 6 Satellite centers. OR 1 Full time and 1 Half time support officers will on site work at 1 Core center and EACH satellite centers?
Answer: The tender shall provide at least 1 full time and 1 half time in total for K&TDHC Core Centre and Satellite Centres.
Enquiry: Clarify the term “staff category” in tender document page 32.
Answer: For “staff category”, please state the strength areas of corresponding staff, for example, CMS On-ramp, firewall, network, server, etc.

Tender For Supply & Installation of Accessible Vehicle

Update on May 19, 2020

Q&A after briefing session on May 12, 2020:
Clarification of requirement in section three – schedule 1, specification
1. Point 5 – To provide automatic engine idle-stop and supplementary air-conditioning system
Question: Any duration requirement for supporting air-condition system when the engine turn off?
Reply: At least 8 hours of air-condition when the engine is idle-stop. If the type of vehicle change, please advise and suggest.
2. Point 22 – To supply & install flame-retardant (without PVC) cover for all seats.
Question: Is the cover can be detachable and water resistant?
Reply: Yes. The cover material is water resistant and can be detachable.
3. Point 25 – To supply & install 2 units signal light & light box “升降中” above the rear doors.
Question: Does it mean that there is two light box “升降中” above the rear door?
Reply: No. It should be supplied & installed two units of signal light and one unit of light box “升降中” above the rear doors.
4. Point 36 – To supply materials and labour for vehicle type approval inspection.
Question: If the vehicle type has been approved before, is it still necessary to have approval inspection again?
Reply: If the vehicle type has already approved before, please advise and provide related supporting document.
5. Point 38 – To supply & install anti-theft security system.
Question: Is there any alert sound needed for anti-theft security system?
Reply: The anti-theft security system should have alert sound.